Youth Lagoon

This old abandonned crag has been reborn thanks to the effort of the youth local crowd. With 27 routes to pick from, this slightly overhanging wall will give you a good forearm pump with it’s big moves on sloping holds. Best to avoid until mid-May, many avalanche paths lies above, a significant avalanche could make it all the way down to this narrow canyon.

This is a new crag, some routes are still in the work. Be respectful, and if dust accumulate on some holds give it a quick brush, all you friends will appreciate.

To Get There
From Jasper: Travel south on Highway 93 for just over 40km. Park in a round and sandy pullout on the left side of the road 6km south of Kerkeslin Campground.
From Banff: Follow the Trans-Canada Highway to the exit for Highway 93 (Icefields Parkway). 10km past Honeymoon Lake is a sandy, round pullout to your right where you can park.

Approach: (1.4km) Elevation Gain: 220m
Behind the pullout there is a small open field hidden by some trees. Walk through the opening towards Kerkeslin. Slightly to the right will be a narrow trail that will take you on an easy, enjoyable walk through a beautiful poplar forest for about 20 minutes before getting to a steeper section. A few minutes after you leave the aspen forest and start walking up the hill, look out for a another trail left. If you can see short cliffs in the distance in front of you before turning on the new trail, you’ve gone too far, go back a hundred meter. Follow the new trail for another 15 minutes, through a beautiful narrow canyon with a creek.

Sam Wall on Third Distopia 5.11b