Rainy Day Slabs

Map Files (GPX | KML)



  • Free Diver 5.7: Possible to climb it as Five long pitches with a 70m rope. Link p.1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, and then climb one 65m pitch linking 9-10-11. Also recommended to lower a climber with both ends of the rope for a faster descent.



  • Obvious Weakness 5.5:¬† Has been retrofitted with bolts well spaced the whole way, long pitches and the traverse nature of the route makes it hard to retreat.


  • Bolted Multipitch Route 5.10R: ¬†this route is about 100m left or so of ”Free Diver”. Do no get confused between the two climbs, you require 2 ropes to rappel this one unlike ”Free Diver”. A bolt every 10m or so is found and there is some tree anchors on the climb. This Will get more traffic once it will be retrofitted.