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Syncline overview

  • Raven’s Call 5.10a: This amazing route has now 4 new chain anchors, a single 70m rope can easily do it but the rappels on this climb also has been done with a single 60m rope ( MAKE SURE to tie KNOTS at the end of the rope for the second pitch, 3rd rappel, you will just make it to the anchor).
  • Mr. Blue Sky 5.8: The First route you see when you get to the wall. The easiest route as of now in the area with 4 pitches of great climbing. Start 10-15m left of ”revision Quest”.
  • Smoked 5.11a: This addition will please anybody who can climb the route. Lots of exposure and pumpy climbing awaits!

























  • Cloud Nine 5.9: Yet Another sport route has been added to the collection of good climbs in the area. This time it goes at the moderate grade of 5.9, also a sustained and really worthy route.


  • Sombrero 5.10a: Just right of Cloud Nine is another new route that is as high quality and should not be missed. It does share the very top anchor with Cloud nine.

Cloud nine and Sombrero desc.

syncline middle 2019




















  • Dark Sky 5.11d: A new sport route has been added in the summer of 2016. It is actually the hardest grade given on a multipitch in the area, for now. Not so sustained but totally worth doing, beautiful rock, beautiful moves throughout. The route starts about 30 metres left of ”white Buffalo”. History: An effort splitted into 4 days, the developers had a tendency to come back quite late ( usual time back in town was 2 or 4 AM).


  • Sunny Side Up 5.10b: A new sport route has been added on Syncline. It shares the first pitch of ”Dark Sky”(starts about 30 metres left of ”white Buffalo”) and then head left from the belay on excellent compact stone. With a wide variety of climbing, this route will keep you busy all the way to the top.


  • Blood Before the Storm 5.11c: Located between ”Dark sky” and ”White Buffalo”. The first pitch has a very short section of mediocre rock but don’t get deterred, it is well worth it for its following pitches of impeccable rock!





dark sky and sunny newSunshine Buttress




















Simon Beland on ”Sanstorm” (above)

The excellent sport route ”Cloud Nine” (below)

Francois Laplante on ”Sunny Side Up”

Sunny Side Up